Our First English Post! Plus An Overview Of RESPONDENT

Welcome! We’ve made a few changes to Fly Orbit News this past week, starting with a theme redesign and a total site overhaul. We’ve also taken on an English-speaking editor so we can write some posts in English, and this will be the first one.

We’d like to talk a little about survey sites and especially the main one, Respondent, where you can take surveys and earn some beer money. Many big companies use this to send out surveys, and they’re willing to pay for the results. It’s up to Respondent to get people to take the surveys and answer them honestly, and for that to happen, people need to be compensated a little. So you can sign up to Respondent and earn a little bit of money for taking surveys.

As you’d expect, you can’t earn a full time living taking surveys on Respondent. But it may be worth doing in the background while you’re watching Netflix, for example.

There are a few writeups of this service, but we would like you to read this Respondent review as it’s the most honest about the realities of it.

Marte Bernardello

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